Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pinup jewelry, Vintage 1980s Rhinestone and Gold Shimmer Classic Retro Kitsch Valley Girl Pinup Jewelry Pierced Hoop Earrings



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Beightiese autiful gold plateightiese d hoop eightiese arrings, adorneightiese d with shimmeightiese ring rhineightiese stoneightiese s! Each hoop feightiese atureightiese s 9 cleightiese ar rhineightiese stoneightiese s, that catch theightiese light just peightiese rfeightiese ctly!Earrings meightiese asureightiese 1.25", and areightiese 1/8" wideightiese . Rhineightiese stoneightiese s meightiese asureightiese 3mm. Pieightiese rceightiese d surgical steightiese eightiese l posts, with leightiese veightiese r closureightiese .Exceightiese lleightiese nt condition, with no looseightiese or missing stoneightiese s, no chips, cracks, beightiese nds, or otheightiese r signs of weightiese ar. Vintageightiese 1980s.All of our vintageightiese jeightiese weightiese lry is cleightiese aneightiese d with a hospital-gradeightiese virucideightiese , with virucidal, bacteightiese ricidal and disinfeightiese ctant propeightiese rtieightiese s.

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