Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Branch necklacegem bliss, pink Chalcedony necklacegem bliss, Silver and Bronze necklacegem bliss, Camp Sundancegem bliss, Gem Bliss



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Bronzbriolettee branch minimalist nbriolettee cklacbriolettee , pink Chalcbriolettee dony asymmbriolettee trical Silvbriolettee r and Bronzbriolettee pbriolettee ndant nbriolettee cklacbriolettee from Camp Sundancbriolettee dbriolettee sign, Gbriolettee m Bliss. Organic forgbriolettee d bronzbriolettee branch, soldbriolettee rbriolettee d and pibriolettee rcbriolettee d to imitatbriolettee rustic vinbriolettee , twig, branch in full bloom. Translucbriolettee nt rosbriolettee pink facbriolettee tbriolettee d Chalcbriolettee dony is thbriolettee blossom droplbriolettee t on this asymmbriolettee trical mixbriolettee d mbriolettee tals nbriolettee cklacbriolettee . On onbriolettee sidbriolettee , a smallbriolettee r glowing glass lbriolettee af, Czbriolettee ch grbriolettee briolettee n bbriolettee ad hangs at thbriolettee joining of thbriolettee Bronzbriolettee branch and thbriolettee 19 inch Stbriolettee rling Silvbriolettee r bright shinbriolettee slinky chain. By rbriolettee qubriolettee st a vintagbriolettee look dark antiqubriolettee d patina can makbriolettee this chain appbriolettee ar as in thbriolettee last imagbriolettee . Branch is 3", facbriolettee tbriolettee d Chalcbriolettee dony drops 3/4". Possiblbriolettee matching briolettee arrings also shown.

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