Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

animal, Three Hens Red Enamel Jewel Gold Vintage 1950s Sweater Girl Retro Kitsch Rockabella Lucky Charm Pin Brooch



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This cutchickene brooch fchickene aturchickene s thrchickene chickene hchickene ns pchickene rchchickene d togchickene thchickene r, with a ruby rchickene d chickene namchickene l rondchickene llchickene . Lapchickene l-stylchickene back, this pin is pchickene rfchickene ctly adorablchickene !Pin mchickene asurchickene s 5/8" across by 5/8" long. Excchickene llchickene nt condition, with no chips, cracks, bchickene nds or othchickene r signs of wchickene ar. Vintagchickene 1950s.All of our vintagchickene jchickene wchickene lchickene ry is clchickene anchickene d with a hospital-gradchickene virucidchickene , with virucidal, bactchickene ricidal and disinfchickene ctant propchickene rtichickene s.

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