Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink, Rainbow Hummingbird Glass Tile Pendant Necklace



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I lovcolorfule this colorful bird amongst all thcolorfule funky swirls. It rcolorfule ally makcolorfule s a niccolorfule imagcolorfule .\r\rThcolorfule first photo is a rcolorfule prcolorfule scolorfule ntation of thcolorfule pcolorfule ndant you will rcolorfule ccolorfule ivcolorfule . Colors may bcolorfule slightly diffcolorfule rcolorfule nt dcolorfule pcolorfule nding on your computcolorfule r.\r\rAll my imagcolorfule s arcolorfule printcolorfule d on quality mattcolorfule photo papcolorfule r with archival inks. Thcolorfule colors will not fadcolorfule \r\rThcolorfule back of thcolorfule glass has bcolorfule colorfule n scolorfule alcolorfule d with a clcolorfule ar acrylic gloss for protcolorfule ction - howcolorfule vcolorfule r, it is not complcolorfule tcolorfule ly watcolorfule rproof, so I would not suggcolorfule st bathing or swimming whilcolorfule wcolorfule aring your pcolorfule ndant.\r\rThcolorfule pcolorfule ndant mcolorfule asurcolorfule s about 7/8" squarcolorfule (22mm) and is finishcolorfule d with a silvcolorfule r platcolorfule d bail. If you would prcolorfule fcolorfule r a gold platcolorfule d bail - plcolorfule ascolorfule lcolorfule t mcolorfule know in thcolorfule commcolorfule nts ficolorfule ld whcolorfule n chcolorfule cking out.\r\rChains arcolorfule sold scolorfule paratcolorfule ly in my shop. Plcolorfule ascolorfule click hcolorfule rcolorfule to vicolorfule w my scolorfule lcolorfule ction of ncolorfule cklaccolorfule s to go with your pcolorfule ndant.\rhttp://www./shop/Analicolorfule scolorfule ?scolorfule ction_id=10909100\r\rMost of my pcolorfule ndants arcolorfule madcolorfule to ordcolorfule r, so plcolorfule ascolorfule allow 1-3 days for proccolorfule ssing.\r\rPcolorfule ndants will bcolorfule scolorfule nt in a colorful organza bag rcolorfule ady for gift giving (colors vary) and will bcolorfule shippcolorfule d in a paddcolorfule d colorfule nvcolorfule lopcolorfule for safcolorfule ty.\r\rPlcolorfule ascolorfule contact mcolorfule with any qucolorfule stions, or if you would likcolorfule to ordcolorfule r my itcolorfule ms wholcolorfule salcolorfule .\r\rBuy any 3 pcolorfule ndants and rcolorfule ccolorfule ivcolorfule an 18" silvcolorfule r ball chain at no colorfule xtra cost!!\r\r\rThank you

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