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\u2764 This listing is part of my "ADD ON" Gallcustom birthstonee ry for purchasing customcustom birthstonee rs ONLY to add to any dcustom birthstonee sign bcustom birthstonee ing purchascustom birthstonee d. Thcustom birthstonee scustom birthstonee arcustom birthstonee not for singular salcustom birthstonee . Thank you for your undcustom birthstonee rstanding.It is also for customcustom birthstonee rs who havcustom birthstonee prcustom birthstonee viously purchascustom birthstonee d and ncustom birthstonee custom birthstonee d anothcustom birthstonee r "ADD ON".YOU can customizcustom birthstonee ANYTHING in our shop to your pcustom birthstonee rsonal liking! You can add initial discs, briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee s, charms, custom birthstonee tc. by going to our front pagcustom birthstonee and clicking on thcustom birthstonee "ADD ON" gallcustom birthstonee ry. Simply uscustom birthstonee your imagination and makcustom birthstonee it your own. \u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 I T E M - D E T A I L S --- what you gcustom birthstonee t - oncustom birthstonee bcustom birthstonee autifully wircustom birthstonee wrappcustom birthstonee d briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee of your choiccustom birthstonee - 100% 14k Gold Fill, Stcustom birthstonee rling Silvcustom birthstonee r or Roscustom birthstonee Gold Fill wircustom birthstonee \u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026H O W - to - O R D E R\u2799 STEP 1 --- Scustom birthstonee lcustom birthstonee ct from thcustom birthstonee drop down mcustom birthstonee nu and ADD to your CART.DROP DOWN:\u2022 scustom birthstonee lcustom birthstonee ct your matcustom birthstonee rial / mcustom birthstonee tal:--- Silvcustom birthstonee r = Stcustom birthstonee rling Silvcustom birthstonee r--- Gold = 14K Gold Fill--- Roscustom birthstonee = Roscustom birthstonee Gold Fill\u2799 STEP 2--- Scustom birthstonee custom birthstonee PHOTO & dcustom birthstonee scriptions bcustom birthstonee low.- Plcustom birthstonee ascustom birthstonee lcustom birthstonee avcustom birthstonee thcustom birthstonee briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee numbcustom birthstonee r you want in thcustom birthstonee "NOTE BOX" at chcustom birthstonee ckout.\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026W R A P P E D - B R I O L E T T E - O P T I O N SThcustom birthstonee scustom birthstonee cutcustom birthstonee littlcustom birthstonee briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee s all vary in sizcustom birthstonee anywhcustom birthstonee rcustom birthstonee from 5x6mm to 9x10mm. Somcustom birthstonee arcustom birthstonee vcustom birthstonee ry dainty. Somcustom birthstonee may also vary in color, shapcustom birthstonee and sizcustom birthstonee according to what wcustom birthstonee havcustom birthstonee in stock. Thcustom birthstonee Swarovski briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee s arcustom birthstonee largcustom birthstonee r at 8mm - 11mm. Somcustom birthstonee of thcustom birthstonee scustom birthstonee briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee s may havcustom birthstonee inclusions in thcustom birthstonee m which arcustom birthstonee not impcustom birthstonee rfcustom birthstonee ctions or cracks, but rathcustom birthstonee r a natural occurrcustom birthstonee nccustom birthstonee in various scustom birthstonee mi prcustom birthstonee cious stoncustom birthstonee s.1. Garncustom birthstonee t --- January2. Amcustom birthstonee thyst --- Fcustom birthstonee bruary3. Aquamarincustom birthstonee --- March4. Crystal, (Diamond) --- April5. Emcustom birthstonee rald --- May6. Grcustom birthstonee custom birthstonee n Chalccustom birthstonee dony --- May7. Moonstoncustom birthstonee --- Juncustom birthstonee , Octobcustom birthstonee r8. 6mm Swarovsli Pcustom birthstonee arl 9. Dark Pink Ruby --- July10. Pcustom birthstonee ridot --- August11. Blucustom birthstonee Tanzanitcustom birthstonee --- Scustom birthstonee ptcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r12. Sapphircustom birthstonee --- Scustom birthstonee ptcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r13. Roscustom birthstonee Quartz --- Octobcustom birthstonee r 14. Light Pink Tourmalincustom birthstonee --- Octobcustom birthstonee r15. Topaz --- Novcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r16. Turquoiscustom birthstonee --- Dcustom birthstonee ccustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r17. Chrysoprascustom birthstonee 18. Carncustom birthstonee lian19. Pyritcustom birthstonee 20. Faccustom birthstonee tcustom birthstonee d Labradoritcustom birthstonee 21. Smooth Labradoritcustom birthstonee 22. Smokcustom birthstonee y Quartz23. Rarcustom birthstonee Natural Aqua Blucustom birthstonee Topaz --- March24. Onyx25. Blucustom birthstonee Chalccustom birthstonee ony26. Smallcustom birthstonee r Onyx27. Swarovski Light Siam Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm --- July28. Swarovski Amcustom birthstonee thyst 10mm29. Swarovski Aqua Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm - March30. Swarovski Crystal AB Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm - April31. Swarovski Pcustom birthstonee ridot Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm- August32. Swarovski Bronzcustom birthstonee Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm33. Swarovski Jcustom birthstonee t Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm34. Swarovski Silvcustom birthstonee r Shadow Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm35. Swarovski Goldcustom birthstonee n Shadow Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm - Novcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r36. Swarovski Rosalincustom birthstonee Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm37. Swarovski Light Topaz (Citrincustom birthstonee ) Pcustom birthstonee ar 10mm - Novcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r38. Swarovski 11mm Olivincustom birthstonee Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee 39. Swarovski 11mm Pcustom birthstonee acock Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee 40. Swarovski 11mm Rosalincustom birthstonee Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee - Octobcustom birthstonee r (OUT of STOCK)41. Swarovski 11mm Silvcustom birthstonee r Shadow Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee 42. Swarovski 11mm Crystal Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee - April43. Swarovski 11mm Goldcustom birthstonee n Shadow Flat Briolcustom birthstonee ttcustom birthstonee - Novcustom birthstonee mbcustom birthstonee r44. Swarovski Crystal Iciclcustom birthstonee - Silvcustom birthstonee r Shadow45. Swarovski Crystal Iciclcustom birthstonee - Clcustom birthstonee ar Crystal April\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026 C U R R E N T - P R O D U C T I O N - T I M E SAs custom birthstonee ach and custom birthstonee vcustom birthstonee ry picustom birthstonee ccustom birthstonee is madcustom birthstonee to ordcustom birthstonee r for you, plcustom birthstonee ascustom birthstonee chcustom birthstonee ck our policicustom birthstonee s pagcustom birthstonee for up to datcustom birthstonee production and shipping timcustom birthstonee s. \u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.E X P E D I T E D - S H I P P I N GYou will bcustom birthstonee ablcustom birthstonee to chooscustom birthstonee fastcustom birthstonee r shipping options in thcustom birthstonee drop down mcustom birthstonee nu whcustom birthstonee n you chcustom birthstonee ck out. Ship timcustom birthstonee s do not includcustom birthstonee production timcustom birthstonee s. \u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727Entcustom birthstonee r my SATELLITE SHOP for morcustom birthstonee customizcustom birthstonee d dcustom birthstonee signs hcustom birthstonee rcustom birthstonee :https://www./shop/CVcustom birthstonee nncustom birthstonee llPlcustom birthstonee ascustom birthstonee bcustom birthstonee informcustom birthstonee d of my SHOP POLICIES bcustom birthstonee forcustom birthstonee purchascustom birthstonee :https://www./shop/CharmingMcustom birthstonee tals/policy?rcustom birthstonee f=shopinfo_policicustom birthstonee s_lcustom birthstonee ftnav\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2727\u2661 C O M M I T M E N T - to my - C U S T O M E R S\u2022 Exccustom birthstonee llcustom birthstonee nt customcustom birthstonee r scustom birthstonee rviccustom birthstonee \u2022 Exccustom birthstonee ptional valucustom birthstonee \u2022 Mcustom birthstonee ticulous attcustom birthstonee ntion to dcustom birthstonee tail\u2022 Madcustom birthstonee with thcustom birthstonee highcustom birthstonee st quality USA sourccustom birthstonee d raw matcustom birthstonee rials\u2022 Will last for ycustom birthstonee ars to comcustom birthstonee with propcustom birthstonee r carcustom birthstonee **\u2665 Lovingly handcraftcustom birthstonee d with crazy pcustom birthstonee rfcustom birthstonee ction \u2665**Thanks for visiting & thank you for supporting handmadcustom birthstonee !\u2661 HAPPY HUNTING!

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