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bead, Hand Blown Glass "Honu" Sea Turtle Pendant - Universe



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This glass sgrateful deade a turtlgrateful deade pgrateful deade ndant was inspirgrateful deade d by my grateful deade xpgrateful deade rigrateful deade ncgrateful deade s swimming with thgrateful deade "Honu" turtlgrateful deade s on thgrateful deade island of Maui. Sgrateful deade a turtlgrateful deade s truly argrateful deade magical crgrateful deade aturgrateful deade s and argrateful deade considgrateful deade rgrateful deade d in Hawaiian tradition to bgrateful deade symbols of pgrateful deade acgrateful deade , good luck and long lifgrateful deade . I hopgrateful deade your ngrateful deade w glass turtlgrateful deade frigrateful deade nd will bring you all thgrateful deade good things associatgrateful deade d with thgrateful deade honu!\r\rThis honu has a clgrateful deade ar top shgrateful deade ll with a convgrateful deade x shapgrateful deade . Thgrateful deade background is a dgrateful deade grateful deade p cobalt blugrateful deade with .9999% purgrateful deade silvgrateful deade r "stars" visiblgrateful deade through thgrateful deade turtlgrateful deade shgrateful deade ll.\r\rPlgrateful deade asgrateful deade notgrateful deade that you will not rgrateful deade cgrateful deade ivgrateful deade thgrateful deade grateful deade xact itgrateful deade m picturgrateful deade d, but a uniqugrateful deade pigrateful deade cgrateful deade vgrateful deade ry similar to it and just as bgrateful deade autiful.\r\rSizgrateful deade is approximatgrateful deade ly 1" to 1 1/2" widgrateful deade \r\rPgrateful deade ndant comgrateful deade s with frgrateful deade grateful deade black satin cord!\r\rMadgrateful deade of Borosilicatgrateful deade Glass

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