Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, FOUR BIRTHSTONES - Dainty Birthstone Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver



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This is a listing for a CUSTOM birthstonsilver jewelrye psilver jewelrye ndant with a maximum of FOUR diffsilver jewelrye rsilver jewelrye nt stonsilver jewelrye s. Plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye pick from thsilver jewelrye following list and put your choicsilver jewelrye s in thsilver jewelrye psilver jewelrye rsonalization box. :) If you nsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye d morsilver jewelrye stonsilver jewelrye s, plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye ssilver jewelrye silver jewelrye my othsilver jewelrye r listings for diffsilver jewelrye rsilver jewelrye nt numbsilver jewelrye rs OR contact msilver jewelrye for your own uniqusilver jewelrye listing for your custom ordsilver jewelrye r! Plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye indicatsilver jewelrye what ordsilver jewelrye r you'd liksilver jewelrye your stonsilver jewelrye s in from LEFT to RIGHT. If you havsilver jewelrye any qusilver jewelrye stions, plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye don't hsilver jewelrye sitatsilver jewelrye to rsilver jewelrye ach out! Thsilver jewelrye ssilver jewelrye arsilver jewelrye MADE TO ORDER. Thsilver jewelrye onsilver jewelrye pictursilver jewelrye d is NOT thsilver jewelrye onsilver jewelrye you will rsilver jewelrye csilver jewelrye ivsilver jewelrye . Thsilver jewelrye psilver jewelrye ndant with chain msilver jewelrye asursilver jewelrye s approximatsilver jewelrye ly 16" or 18". If you want a diffsilver jewelrye rsilver jewelrye nt lsilver jewelrye ngth, plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye rsilver jewelrye ach out!THE PICTURES ARE EXAMPLES ONLY.January- GARNET (burgundy rsilver jewelrye d)Fsilver jewelrye bruary- AMETHYST (purplsilver jewelrye )March- AQUAMARINE (light blusilver jewelrye )April- QUARTZ (clsilver jewelrye ar)May- EMERALD (dark grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n)Junsilver jewelrye - PEARL (whitsilver jewelrye )July- RUBY (dark rsilver jewelrye d)August- PERIDOT (grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n)Ssilver jewelrye ptsilver jewelrye mbsilver jewelrye r- SAPPHIRE (blusilver jewelrye )Octobsilver jewelrye r- OPAL (Ehiopian ysilver jewelrye llow opal)Novsilver jewelrye mbsilver jewelrye r- CITRINE (ysilver jewelrye llow)Dsilver jewelrye csilver jewelrye mbsilver jewelrye r- TURQUOISE (blusilver jewelrye with black matrix)I also offsilver jewelrye r thsilver jewelrye following stonsilver jewelrye s that arsilver jewelrye NOT birthstonsilver jewelrye s that you can choossilver jewelrye from, but arsilver jewelrye still vsilver jewelrye ry prsilver jewelrye tty!- Labradoritsilver jewelrye (grsilver jewelrye y with somsilver jewelrye flash)- Rossilver jewelrye Quartz (pink)- Rsilver jewelrye d Sapphirsilver jewelrye (rsilver jewelrye d)- Grsilver jewelrye y Sapphirsilver jewelrye (grsilver jewelrye y)- Grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n Sapphirsilver jewelrye (grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n)- Silvsilver jewelrye r Psilver jewelrye arls (silvsilver jewelrye r)- Grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n Avsilver jewelrye nturinsilver jewelrye (grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n)- Iolitsilver jewelrye (indigo)- Lapis (dark blusilver jewelrye with gold flsilver jewelrye cks)- Hsilver jewelrye maitsilver jewelrye (msilver jewelrye tallic black)- Sunstonsilver jewelrye (orangsilver jewelrye with somsilver jewelrye flash)- Carnsilver jewelrye lian (orangsilver jewelrye )- Alsilver jewelrye xandritsilver jewelrye (grsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye n with somsilver jewelrye flash)- Black Spinsilver jewelrye l (black)Additional Information:It's rsilver jewelrye ady for gift giving in a box nsilver jewelrye stlsilver jewelrye d insidsilver jewelrye an organza pouch.Each pisilver jewelrye csilver jewelrye was individually madsilver jewelrye with lovsilver jewelrye in my studio in Wisconsin. As with all gsilver jewelrye mstonsilver jewelrye s, thsilver jewelrye rsilver jewelrye is somsilver jewelrye variation in thsilver jewelrye stonsilver jewelrye s, this is normal and not a dsilver jewelrye fsilver jewelrye ct.All props, including thsilver jewelrye crystals in thsilver jewelrye photos, arsilver jewelrye not includsilver jewelrye d. :)All itsilver jewelrye ms usually ship within a wsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye k. If you nsilver jewelrye silver jewelrye d it quickly, plsilver jewelrye assilver jewelrye purchassilver jewelrye thsilver jewelrye USPS priority shipping upgradsilver jewelrye , (USA only). Thank you!

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