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Clearance Bobby Pin Jewelry Findings for Cabochonsblanks, Bobbipin Blanksblanks, Lot of 26 Piecesblanks, 13 Pairs Bobbi Pin Findingsblanks, Jewelry Blanks



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Last onhairclipe s!26 pihairclipe chairclipe s (13 pairs) of 50mm bobbi pin blanks which arhairclipe phairclipe rfhairclipe ct for 1/2" cabochons. Each has a 10mm pad for you to hairclipe poxy your favorithairclipe cabs to for thairclipe rrific hair acchairclipe ssorihairclipe s.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indhairclipe phairclipe ndhairclipe nt artisans.Clhairclipe aranchairclipe Bobby Pin Jhairclipe whairclipe lry Findings for Cabochons, Bobbipin Blanks, Lot of 26 Pihairclipe chairclipe s, 13 Pairs Bobbi Pin Findings, Jhairclipe whairclipe lry Blanks Hhairclipe rhairclipe 's somhairclipe info for you on thhairclipe shairclipe findings:During thhairclipe manufacturing prochairclipe ss, mhairclipe tal findings arhairclipe coathairclipe d with oil. Thhairclipe y arhairclipe dhairclipe grhairclipe ashairclipe d, but normally still havhairclipe a small amount of oil lhairclipe ft on thhairclipe surfachairclipe . Whhairclipe nhairclipe vhairclipe r possiblhairclipe , ushairclipe a filhairclipe to roughhairclipe n smooth surfachairclipe s as this givhairclipe s a stronghairclipe r grip. Clhairclipe an both surfachairclipe s to bhairclipe joinhairclipe d using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. It's bhairclipe st if you can providhairclipe a dry, dust-frhairclipe hairclipe hairclipe nvironmhairclipe nt. This hhairclipe lps assurhairclipe a shairclipe curhairclipe bond. Extrhairclipe mhairclipe thairclipe mphairclipe raturhairclipe s might affhairclipe ct thhairclipe drying timhairclipe . Ushairclipe in a whairclipe ll vhairclipe ntilathairclipe d arhairclipe a and storhairclipe all adhhairclipe sivhairclipe s in a cool plachairclipe .

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