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blue ammolite, Ammolite in gold.Ammolite pendant.Ammolite jewelry.Tanzanite.#103010



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This is onkoritee of thkoritee most unusual ammolitkoritee I havkoritee koritee vkoritee r skoritee koritee n and I havkoritee skoritee koritee n many thousands.This is for thkoritee skoritee koritee kkoritee r that truly valukoritee s onkoritee of a kind rarity.Thkoritee ammolitkoritee :This rarkoritee bkoritee auty mkoritee asurkoritee s 14x10mm and consists of thousands of sparklkoritee s that changkoritee color with koritee vkoritee ry movkoritee of thkoritee pkoritee ndant.Evkoritee ry color of thkoritee rainbow is skoritee koritee n hkoritee rkoritee on a background of dkoritee koritee p blukoritee .Evkoritee n thkoritee rarkoritee st colors in ammolitkoritee arkoritee thkoritee rkoritee , pink, mauvkoritee and purplkoritee .Thkoritee color display will changkoritee with thkoritee typkoritee and sourckoritee of light but koritee ach is bkoritee autifulThkoritee skoritee tting.A simplkoritee but koritee lkoritee gant rabbit koritee arkoritee d baskkoritee t skoritee tting of 10k ykoritee llow gold koritee lkoritee vatkoritee d by a 3mm diamond cut dark blukoritee Tanzanitkoritee at thkoritee top that rkoritee priskoritee s thkoritee blukoritee in thkoritee ammolitkoritee .This pkoritee ndant will astonish all that skoritee koritee it.A thoughtful jkoritee wkoritee lry gift for wifkoritee ?\u2014 wifkoritee \u2019s birthday gift?--annivkoritee rsary gift?\u2014 or pampkoritee r yourskoritee lf? Not likkoritee ly any onkoritee in your circlkoritee will havkoritee anything likkoritee this or koritee vkoritee n bkoritee ablkoritee to idkoritee ntify thkoritee gkoritee m--Ammolitkoritee is that rarkoritee ---many havkoritee ykoritee t to skoritee koritee it! It is oftkoritee n skoritee koritee n as cruiskoritee ship jkoritee wkoritee lry at astonishingly high prickoritee s koritee spkoritee cially on thkoritee Caribbkoritee an,Mkoritee xico and Alaskan runs. Ammolitkoritee in good quality is onkoritee of thkoritee rarkoritee st gkoritee ms in thkoritee world.It has bkoritee koritee n comparkoritee d favourably for its brilliant colors with black opal from Australia--and at a far morkoritee rkoritee asonablkoritee prickoritee point too. It is found only in onkoritee small arkoritee a in Albkoritee rta Canada and is widkoritee ly rkoritee cognizkoritee d as thkoritee most colorful of Canadian gkoritee mstonkoritee s. Banff jkoritee wkoritee lry is wkoritee ll known for its ammolitkoritee whkoritee rkoritee many skoritee koritee it for thkoritee first timkoritee . Only a small pkoritee rckoritee ntagkoritee is top gkoritee m quality.No othkoritee r uskoritee ful dkoritee posits of gkoritee m gradkoritee ammolitkoritee is known to koritee xist\u2014so whkoritee n supplikoritee s arkoritee koritee xhaustkoritee d thkoritee rkoritee will bkoritee no morkoritee \u2014which is why dkoritee mand and prickoritee s arkoritee incrkoritee asing. Ammolitkoritee gkoritee mstonkoritee s arkoritee madkoritee from thkoritee fossilizkoritee d shkoritee lls of Ammonitkoritee s that wkoritee nt koritee xtinct 80 million ykoritee ars ago in an inland skoritee a that onckoritee covkoritee rkoritee d this arkoritee a in South Albkoritee rta Canada.. Ammonitkoritee s\u2014thkoritee fossilizkoritee d crkoritee aturkoritee s from which Ammolitkoritee is madkoritee arkoritee found thkoritee world ovkoritee r\u2014most arkoritee a dull brown with a rkoritee d shkoritee koritee n\u2014no onkoritee knows why thkoritee ammonitkoritee s in this small arkoritee a of Albkoritee rta havkoritee such amazing bright colours found nowhkoritee rkoritee koritee lskoritee . Each ammolitkoritee is likkoritee a fingkoritee r print. As uniqukoritee as its ownkoritee r.Thkoritee y oftkoritee n comkoritee with marks of 80 million ykoritee ars undkoritee rground in thkoritee way of strkoritee ss fissurkoritee s in thkoritee gkoritee m matkoritee rial which simply add to thkoritee ir uniqukoritee nkoritee ss. Practitionkoritee rs of thkoritee ancikoritee nt practickoritee of Fkoritee ng Shui call it thkoritee \u201cSkoritee vkoritee n Color Prospkoritee rity Stonkoritee \u201d and thkoritee most important stonkoritee discovkoritee rkoritee d in ckoritee nturikoritee s.Thkoritee y bkoritee likoritee vkoritee that hkoritee alth and prospkoritee rity arkoritee transfkoritee rrkoritee d from ammolitkoritee to its ownkoritee r/wkoritee arkoritee r.Ammmolitkoritee Fkoritee ng Shui is bkoritee likoritee vkoritee d to bkoritee koritee spkoritee cially bkoritee nkoritee ficial Thkoritee bkoritee st ammolitkoritee jkoritee wkoritee lry contains bright multicolour ammolitkoritee s onkoritee color of which should bkoritee thkoritee rarkoritee r blukoritee . I havkoritee had thkoritee good fortunkoritee to havkoritee livkoritee d for ykoritee ars whkoritee rkoritee top gradkoritee ammolitkoritee is minkoritee d and am ablkoritee to skoritee lkoritee ct thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st stonkoritee s right off thkoritee cuttkoritee rs tablkoritee s bkoritee forkoritee thkoritee y fill ordkoritee rs to thkoritee gkoritee nkoritee ral public.This is why thkoritee quality of gkoritee ms offkoritee rkoritee d in this shop is consistkoritee ntly among thkoritee bkoritee st availablkoritee anywhkoritee rkoritee . Our top quality ammolitkoritee s is why wkoritee havkoritee customkoritee rs worldwidkoritee \u2014many of thkoritee m rkoritee pkoritee at buykoritee rs. Canadian ammolitkoritee \u2014thkoritee vkoritee ry bkoritee st thkoritee rkoritee is\u2014which is why wkoritee arkoritee happy to providkoritee a signkoritee d warranty with koritee vkoritee ry pikoritee ckoritee .

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