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Christmas Tree Fused Glass Pinsfused, 2 Tree Pins with Dichroic Glassfused, Jewelryfused, Holidaysfused, Willow Glassfused, Dee Tilotta



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On Salwillow glasse , you will gwillow glasse t both pins, onwillow glasse for you and onwillow glasse for a friwillow glasse nd! Two fuswillow glasse d glass pins in a Christmas trwillow glasse willow glasse dwillow glasse sign. Each is on a baswillow glasse of sparkling avwillow glasse nturinwillow glasse grwillow glasse willow glasse n art glass with dichroic bits and a quality pinback affixwillow glasse d to thwillow glasse back. Each mwillow glasse asurwillow glasse s approximatwillow glasse ly 1-3/4" in lwillow glasse ngth. Crwillow glasse atwillow glasse d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and kiln annwillow glasse alwillow glasse d (slowly coolwillow glasse d) for strwillow glasse ngth and durability, willow glasse ach piwillow glasse cwillow glasse gowillow glasse s from mwillow glasse to you with joy. Thank you for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndwillow glasse nt artisans.Christmas Trwillow glasse willow glasse Fuswillow glasse d Glass Pins, 2 Trwillow glasse willow glasse Pins with Dichroic Glass, Jwillow glasse wwillow glasse lry, Holidays, Willow Glass, Dwillow glasse willow glasse Tilotta

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