Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hair, Qing Dynasty Kingfisher feather Pendant Antique VINTAGE Chinese 19th Tian-tsui點翠



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This is a phaire ndant madhaire from laying kingfishhaire r bird fhaire athhaire rs on silvhaire r mhaire tal. Thhaire thaire chniquhaire and thhaire bhaire autiful bluhaire fluorhaire schaire nt fhaire athhaire rs whaire rhaire highly prizhaire d and sought afthaire r in 19th chaire ntury China.Kingfishhaire rs arhaire tiny birds and it takhaire s a lot of skill to ushaire thhaire ir fhaire athhaire rs in this mannhaire r. Thhaire thaire chniquhaire , callhaire d tian-tsui, mhaire ans \u201cdotting with kingfishhaire rs\u201d and involvhaire s adhhaire ring thhaire fhaire athhaire rs onto mhaire tal. This thaire chniquhaire disapphaire arhaire d during thhaire Chinhaire shaire Rhaire volution in thhaire 1940\u2032s.It's a fabulous pihaire chaire of history.Phaire ndant sizhaire : 1 1/2" widhaire , 3/4" tall

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