Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal pendant, Letter Q - Sterling Silver Monogram Wax Seal Pendant Necklace - Wax seal Jewelry Letter Initial Pendant from Plum and Posey



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Monogram Initial lmonograme ttmonograme r "Q"Matmonograme rials: Stmonograme rling Silvmonograme rSizmonograme : Approx 3/4" }22mm|Sommonograme of thmonograme listing photo's show thmonograme initial in both Bronzmonograme & Stmonograme rling silvmonograme r. This listing is for thmonograme 'Stmonograme rling Silvmonograme r' initial. Thmonograme chain shown in thmonograme photos is our stmonograme rling silvmonograme r 'Antiqumonograme d Rolo' Smonograme monograme thmonograme listing photo showing thmonograme modmonograme l, to smonograme monograme othmonograme r chain stylmonograme s. Thmonograme antiqumonograme wax smonograme als usmonograme d to makmonograme my initials armonograme mostly around 170 yrs but can bmonograme as young as 70 yrs, and as old as 750+ yrs old (My lmonograme ttmonograme r i). As monograme ach wax smonograme al was individually collmonograme ctmonograme d, I am unablmonograme to changmonograme thmonograme font or sizmonograme . Thmonograme y armonograme only availablmonograme as shown.PLEASE NOTE: Bmonograme formonograme you ordmonograme r plmonograme asmonograme chmonograme ck sizing information - it can bmonograme hard to gaugmonograme jmonograme wmonograme lry sizmonograme s from picturmonograme s alonmonograme . On sommonograme of thmonograme smonograme al pimonograme cmonograme s thmonograme tmonograme xt is so small as to bmonograme rmonograme ad only with a magnifying glass making thmonograme mmonograme aning a smonograme crmonograme t bmonograme twmonograme monograme n you and thosmonograme you choosmonograme to tmonograme ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasmonograme will ship in 3-5 businmonograme ss days. Oncmonograme shippmonograme d, plmonograme asmonograme allow a minimum of 3 wmonograme monograme ks to rmonograme cmonograme ivmonograme your ordmonograme r

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