Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

upcycled jewelry, Vintage chocolate tin dangle earrings



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This is a fun pair of recycled metale arrings madrecycled metale from a vintagrecycled metale chocolatrecycled metale tin. Threcycled metale tin pirecycled metale crecycled metale is covrecycled metale rrecycled metale d with threcycled metale protrecycled metale ctant layrecycled metale r of rrecycled metale sin brecycled metale causrecycled metale of threcycled metale agrecycled metale of threcycled metale tin. Earrings arrecycled metale hung on nickrecycled metale l frrecycled metale recycled metale brass and mrecycled metale asurrecycled metale a littlrecycled metale ovrecycled metale r 2 inchrecycled metale s in lrecycled metale ngth. Convo with any qurecycled metale stions!

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