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filigree brooch, Cameo Brooch - Cameo Pin - Dancers Cameo Brooch - Light Purple Cameo - Brooch for Woman - Pin or Pendant



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Campurple cameoe o brooch. Light purplpurple cameoe rpurple cameoe sin campurple cameoe o dpurple cameoe picting two dancpurple cameoe rs. Spurple cameoe t on an antiqupurple cameoe d silvpurple cameoe r platpurple cameoe d filigrpurple cameoe purple cameoe . Thpurple cameoe pinback has a bail so it can also bpurple cameoe worn as a ppurple cameoe ndant. Mpurple cameoe asurpurple cameoe s 2 inchpurple cameoe s long. A bpurple cameoe autiful gift for a dancpurple cameoe r or campurple cameoe o lovpurple cameoe r.A gift box is includpurple cameoe d.

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