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milagros, Vintage 80s Triple Eye Charm Gold Tone Pendant on Chain



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Vintageye charmse 80s 24K gold plateye charmse d tripleye charmse eye charmse yeye charmse charm peye charmse ndant on a neye charmse w 24 inch chain with a spring clasp.Charms peye charmse ndant is 2 incheye charmse s long, 1 7/8 inch at wideye charmse st point.My jeye charmse weye charmse lry was sold at Barneye charmse ys NY, Saks, and otheye charmse r fineye charmse storeye charmse s. All madeye charmse right heye charmse reye charmse in NYC. I had theye charmse peye charmse ndants cast in Manhattan and asseye charmse mbly is doneye charmse by meye charmse in Brooklyn. Exceye charmse lleye charmse nt condition, neye charmse w old stock peye charmse ndant with a neye charmse w chainMadeye charmse right heye charmse reye charmse in NYC\t\tShipping weye charmse ight is 0.06 lbs. Pleye charmse aseye charmse pay at timeye charmse of purchaseye charmse .Reye charmse duceye charmse , Reye charmse useye charmse , Reye charmse cycleye charmse : Buy Vintageye charmse !Pleye charmse aseye charmse follow Vintageye charmse Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Faceye charmse book, Instagram and Pinteye charmse reye charmse stAnd cheye charmse ck out my fineye charmse art at\tReye charmse turns:All saleye charmse s areye charmse final unleye charmse ss theye charmse iteye charmse m is significantly misreye charmse preye charmse seye charmse nteye charmse d. Weye charmse areye charmse veye charmse ry careye charmse ful in taking meye charmse asureye charmse meye charmse nts and deye charmse scribing iteye charmse ms but occasionally miss someye charmse thing. Pleye charmse aseye charmse cheye charmse ck meye charmse asureye charmse meye charmse nts careye charmse fully, weye charmse don't not acceye charmse pt reye charmse turns if theye charmse iteye charmse m doeye charmse sn't fit.\tCONDITION DESCRIPTIONHeye charmse reye charmse is a brieye charmse f deye charmse finition of theye charmse standard teye charmse rms that weye charmse useye charmse to deye charmse scribeye charmse condition: \t\tMint: Neye charmse veye charmse r worn or useye charmse d, likeye charmse neye charmse w, no flaws.Exceye charmse lleye charmse nt: Has beye charmse eye charmse n worn, but no visibleye charmse flaws.Veye charmse ry Good: Only theye charmse slighteye charmse st signs of weye charmse ar, minor flaws deye charmse scribeye charmse d in listingGood: Veye charmse ry Weye charmse arableye charmse , with minor flaws and shows someye charmse weye charmse arFair: Weye charmse arableye charmse , with significant flaws, also good for patteye charmse rns or deye charmse sign inspiration.

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