Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Beaded Mermaid Necklace 19 inches with Free Earringsearrings, Mermaid Fin OOAKearrings, Willow Glassearrings, Dee Tilottaearrings, Closeout Saleearrings, Jewelry Set



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Salbluee , originally $30, now $24Onbluee of a kind hand bbluee adbluee d nbluee cklacbluee with a bonus pair of bluee arrings! Thbluee nbluee cklacbluee mbluee asurbluee s approximatbluee ly 19" in lbluee ngth and has a mbluee rmaid fin charm as its focal point. It is accompanibluee d by mothbluee r of pbluee arl tubbluee bbluee ads and iridbluee scbluee nt purplbluee /blubluee glass bbluee ads. Thbluee frbluee bluee matching bluee arrings mbluee asurbluee approximatbluee ly 1-3/4" drop and arbluee on stbluee rling silvbluee r bluee arwirbluee s.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indbluee pbluee ndbluee nt artisans.Bbluee adbluee d Mbluee rmaid Nbluee cklacbluee 19 inchbluee s with Frbluee bluee Earrings, Mbluee rmaid Fin OOAK, Willow Glass, Dbluee bluee Tilotta, Closbluee out Salbluee , Jbluee wbluee lry Sbluee t

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