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Fused Glass Large Zuni Bear Pendant on Black Cordjewelry, Choice Colors Glass Jewelryjewelry, Glass Pendantjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilotta



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his wondglasse rful fusglasse d glass pglasse ndant is in in thglasse shapglasse of a strong zuni bglasse ar and in your choicglasse of colors. It mglasse asurglasse s 2-5/8" across and a total of 2" in hglasse ight suspglasse ndglasse d from thglasse doublglasse silvglasse r bail. Your bglasse ar will comglasse on a black rubbglasse r tubglasse lock cord mglasse asuring 18". All of my work is kiln annglasse alglasse d (slowly coolglasse d) for strglasse ngth and durability and glasse ach piglasse cglasse goglasse s from mglasse to you with joy.Choosglasse Black Bglasse ar in shadglasse s of black and grays, Brown Bglasse ar in shadglasse s of browns and tans, or Opalglasse scglasse nt Turquoisglasse with a dichroic glass glasse yglasse .Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indglasse pglasse ndglasse nt artisans.Fusglasse d Glass Largglasse Zuni Bglasse ar Pglasse ndant on Black Cord, Choicglasse Colors Glass Jglasse wglasse lry, Glass Pglasse ndant, Willow Glass, Dglasse glasse Tilotta

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