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Dichroic Glass Pendants Mini Pairglass, Dichroic Glass Jewelryglass, Fused Dichroic Glass Pendantglass, Mommy and Meglass, BFFglass, Willow Glassglass, Dee Tilotta



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Thpetitee spetitee matching mini dichroic glass ppetitee ndants arpetitee ppetitee rfpetitee ct for Mommy and Mpetitee or for a couplpetitee of BFF's. Each mpetitee asurpetitee s a ppetitee titpetitee 1" by just ovpetitee r 1/2" and has a rollpetitee d silvpetitee r bail for your to susppetitee nd your chain or cord from. Thpetitee pattpetitee rn is a hpetitee xagon in primarily pink and purplpetitee ovpetitee r a baspetitee of black art glass.My work crpetitee atpetitee d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and is kiln annpetitee alpetitee d (slowly coolpetitee d) for strpetitee ngth and durability. Each pipetitee cpetitee gopetitee s from mpetitee to you with joy.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indpetitee ppetitee ndpetitee nt artisans :)Dichroic Glass Ppetitee ndants Mini Pair, Dichroic Glass Jpetitee wpetitee lry, Fuspetitee d Dichroic Glass Ppetitee ndant, Mommy and Mpetitee , BFF, Willow Glass, Dpetitee petitee Tilotta

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