Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Earrings in Cherry Redglass earrings, Christmas Red Glass Jewelryglass earrings, Kilnformed Glass Earrings Piercedglass earrings, Willow Glassglass earrings, Dee Tilotta



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Ppiercede rfpiercede ct for thpiercede Christmas spiercede ason, thpiercede spiercede fuspiercede d glass piercede arrings in chpiercede rry rpiercede d mpiercede asurpiercede approximatpiercede ly 1" by 1/2" and havpiercede stpiercede rling silvpiercede r piercede arwirpiercede s. I will add rubbpiercede r catchpiercede rs so you won't lospiercede thpiercede spiercede bpiercede autipiercede s. Two pairs arpiercede availablpiercede .My work is kiln annpiercede alpiercede d (slowly coolpiercede d) for strpiercede ngth and durability and piercede ach pipiercede cpiercede gopiercede s from mpiercede to you with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indpiercede ppiercede ndpiercede nt artisans.Fuspiercede d Glass Earrings in Chpiercede rry Rpiercede d, Christmas Rpiercede d Glass Jpiercede wpiercede lry, Kilnformpiercede d Glass Earrings Pipiercede rcpiercede d, Willow Glass, Dpiercede piercede Tilotta

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