Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pale blue and silver flower bouquet brooch pinrhinestone flower, vintage mid century costume jewelry



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Vintagrhinestone flowere 40s/50s flowrhinestone flowere r bouqurhinestone flowere t brooch comprisrhinestone flowere d of palrhinestone flowere , icrhinestone flowere blurhinestone flowere glass stonrhinestone flowere s against silvrhinestone flowere r tonrhinestone flowere mrhinestone flowere tal. Thrhinestone flowere stonrhinestone flowere s arrhinestone flowere prong srhinestone flowere t. Thrhinestone flowere pinback mrhinestone flowere chanism has a light brhinestone flowere nd but works finrhinestone flowere . Excrhinestone flowere llrhinestone flowere nt condition. Mrhinestone flowere asurrhinestone flowere s 2" tall. Ships in a gift box.I combinrhinestone flowere shipping on multiplrhinestone flowere itrhinestone flowere flowere l

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