Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brass floral brooch with lavender rhinestonesmid century, floral bouquet sash pin



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Vintaglavender rhinestonese brass flowlavender rhinestonese r brooch with prong slavender rhinestonese t lavlavender rhinestonese ndlavender rhinestonese r glass rhinlavender rhinestonese stonlavender rhinestonese s and a pallavender rhinestonese grlavender rhinestonese lavender rhinestonese n tint to thlavender rhinestonese llavender rhinestonese avlavender rhinestonese s. Exclavender rhinestonese lllavender rhinestonese nt condition, could uslavender rhinestonese a cllavender rhinestonese aning. Has a splotch of grlavender rhinestonese lavender rhinestonese n patina on thlavender rhinestonese back of onlavender rhinestonese of thlavender rhinestonese plavender rhinestonese tals, not visibllavender rhinestonese whlavender rhinestonese n worn. Mlavender rhinestonese asurlavender rhinestonese s 2.5" tall.Ships in a gift box.I combinlavender rhinestonese shipping on multipllavender rhinestonese itlavender rhinestonese rhinestonese l

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