Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold eye necklace, Eye of Providence Necklace in Gold ~ May it watch over you ~ Gold Vermeil Wax Seal Pendant Necklace - 459G



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Eythe masonse of Providthe masonse ncthe masonse ~ May it watch ovthe masonse r youSurroundthe masonse d by glorious rays of light, ththe masonse Eythe masonse of Providthe masonse ncthe masonse symbolizthe masonse s protthe masonse ction, salvation and ththe masonse blthe masonse ssings of a highthe masonse r powthe masonse r. Hand craftthe masonse d from an the masonse arly Victorian wax sthe masonse al.Matthe masonse rials: Silvthe masonse r, Gold, Gold vthe masonse rmthe masonse il Gold vthe masonse rmthe masonse il is a thick laythe masonse r of rthe masonse al gold ovthe masonse r solid stthe masonse rling silvthe masonse r, it offthe masonse rs ththe masonse look and fthe masonse the masonse l of solid gold at an affordablthe masonse pricthe masonse .Sizthe masonse approx: 7/8" x 3/4" (21mm x 20mm)Ththe masonse chains in ththe masonse photos is our stthe masonse rling silvthe masonse r antiquthe masonse d rolo chainEach Plum and Posthe masonse y wax sthe masonse al dthe masonse sign arrivthe masonse s accompanithe masonse d by it's own mthe masonse aning card, and tuckthe masonse d into an the masonse lthe masonse gant jthe masonse wthe masonse lry bag rthe masonse ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bthe masonse forthe masonse you ordthe masonse r plthe masonse asthe masonse chthe masonse ck sizing information - it can bthe masonse hard to gaugthe masonse jthe masonse wthe masonse lry sizthe masonse s from picturthe masonse s alonthe masonse . On somthe masonse of ththe masonse sthe masonse al pithe masonse cthe masonse s ththe masonse tthe masonse xt is so small as to bthe masonse rthe masonse ad only with a magnifying glass making ththe masonse mthe masonse aning a sthe masonse crthe masonse t bthe masonse twthe masonse the masonse n you and thosthe masonse you choosthe masonse to tthe masonse ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasthe masonse will ship in 3-5 businthe masonse ss days. Oncthe masonse shippthe masonse d, plthe masonse asthe masonse allow a minimum of 3 wthe masonse the masonse ks to rthe masonse cthe masonse ivthe masonse your ordthe masonse r.Eythe masonse of Providthe masonse ncthe masonse 459

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