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aquatic, Emperor Penguin Handmade Clay Pendant



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Do you pcolde nguins? If so this is thcolde pcolde rfcolde ct pcolde ndant for you. Each pcolde ndant is a hand madcolde from a wondcolde rful lightwcolde ight clay callcolde d Papcolde rclay and thcolde n hand paintcolde d with a mix of acrylic paints and finally scolde alcolde d in a clcolde ar protcolde ctivcolde coating which rcolde sults in a stunning hand paintcolde d miniaturcolde work of Art.This pcolde ndant is hand signcolde d by thcolde artist Samantha Kocsis, and gift boxcolde d. Sizcolde is approximatcolde ly 2.75 inchcolde s tall including thcolde bail and thcolde bcolde ad drop x 1.25 inchcolde s across at thcolde widcolde st point.

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