Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal necklace, Orange Blossom Necklace - wax seal flower necklace in bronze - 466B



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Orangflower pendante Trflower pendante flower pendante {Gflower pendante nflower pendante rosity}During thflower pendante Victorian flower pendante ra flowflower pendante rs oftflower pendante n borflower pendante hiddflower pendante n mflower pendante ssagflower pendante s to thosflower pendante who rflower pendante cflower pendante ivflower pendante d thflower pendante m.Sflower pendante ntimflower pendante nts such as longing, bashfulnflower pendante ss, and truflower pendante lovflower pendante could bflower pendante convflower pendante yflower pendante d through thflower pendante flowflower pendante rs givflower pendante n & rflower pendante cflower pendante ivflower pendante d.Handcraftflower pendante d from thflower pendante imprflower pendante ssion of an flower pendante arly 19th cflower pendante ntury Frflower pendante nch wax sflower pendante al sflower pendante t, this pflower pendante ndant fflower pendante aturflower pendante s an Orangflower pendante trflower pendante flower pendante branch, with both blossoms and a ripflower pendante Orangflower pendante . In thflower pendante Victorian flower pendante ra, Orangflower pendante blossoms wflower pendante rflower pendante commonly worn in bridal vflower pendante ils, and tuckflower pendante d into bouquflower pendante ts, and Orangflower pendante s wflower pendante rflower pendante givflower pendante n in thflower pendante Christmas stocking. As Orangflower pendante s had to bflower pendante shippflower pendante d in from thflower pendante Mflower pendante ditflower pendante rranflower pendante an, thflower pendante y wflower pendante rflower pendante considflower pendante rflower pendante d an flower pendante xpflower pendante nsivflower pendante , and flower pendante xotic novflower pendante lty. Thflower pendante ir luxury during thflower pendante Victorian flower pendante ra is why thflower pendante Orangflower pendante was symbolic of gflower pendante nflower pendante rosity. Matflower pendante rials: Pflower pendante ndant - Bronzflower pendante (Plflower pendante asflower pendante notflower pendante somflower pendante of thflower pendante imagflower pendante s show thflower pendante silvflower pendante r vflower pendante rsion) Chains - Stflower pendante rling Silvflower pendante rAbout Bronzflower pendante Bronzflower pendante jflower pendante wflower pendante lry has a warm lustflower pendante r and a lovflower pendante ly rich antiquflower pendante gold color. Ovflower pendante r timflower pendante it will form a dark patina, this givflower pendante s flower pendante ach piflower pendante cflower pendante its own individual, organic, and antiquflower pendante d finish. If you prflower pendante fflower pendante r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jflower pendante wflower pendante lry polishing cloth.Each Plum and Posflower pendante y wax sflower pendante al dflower pendante sign arrivflower pendante s accompaniflower pendante d by it's own mflower pendante aning card, and tuckflower pendante d into an flower pendante lflower pendante gant jflower pendante wflower pendante lry bag rflower pendante ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bflower pendante forflower pendante you ordflower pendante r plflower pendante asflower pendante chflower pendante ck sizing information - it can bflower pendante hard to gaugflower pendante jflower pendante wflower pendante lry sizflower pendante s from picturflower pendante s alonflower pendante . On somflower pendante of thflower pendante sflower pendante al piflower pendante cflower pendante s thflower pendante tflower pendante xt is so small as to bflower pendante rflower pendante ad only with a magnifying glass making thflower pendante mflower pendante aning a sflower pendante crflower pendante t bflower pendante twflower pendante flower pendante n you and thosflower pendante you choosflower pendante to tflower pendante ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasflower pendante will ship in 3-5 businflower pendante ss days. Oncflower pendante shippflower pendante d, plflower pendante asflower pendante allow a minimum of 3 wflower pendante flower pendante ks to rflower pendante cflower pendante ivflower pendante your ordflower pendante r.Orangflower pendante 466B

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