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protection jewelry, Dragons Crest Necklace - Protection Necklace in Bronze - 405B



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Dragons Crprotection necklacee stIn hprotection necklacee raldry thprotection necklacee 'Dragon' is a guardian or protprotection necklacee ctor. Hprotection necklacee rprotection necklacee hprotection necklacee is shown protection necklacee mblazonprotection necklacee d upon a shiprotection necklacee ld and surroundprotection necklacee d by a tiprotection necklacee d ribbon. Both also strong symbols of protprotection necklacee ction. Matprotection necklacee rials: Bronzprotection necklacee (Plprotection necklacee asprotection necklacee notprotection necklacee somprotection necklacee of thprotection necklacee imagprotection necklacee s show thprotection necklacee silvprotection necklacee r vprotection necklacee rsion.)Sizprotection necklacee : 1" x 7/8" (26mm x 21mm)About Bronzprotection necklacee Bronzprotection necklacee jprotection necklacee wprotection necklacee lry has a warm lustprotection necklacee r and a lovprotection necklacee ly rich antiquprotection necklacee gold color. Ovprotection necklacee r timprotection necklacee it will form a dark patina, this givprotection necklacee s protection necklacee ach piprotection necklacee cprotection necklacee its own individual, organic, and antiquprotection necklacee d finish. If you prprotection necklacee fprotection necklacee r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jprotection necklacee wprotection necklacee lry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Bprotection necklacee forprotection necklacee you ordprotection necklacee r plprotection necklacee asprotection necklacee chprotection necklacee ck sizing information - it can bprotection necklacee hard to gaugprotection necklacee jprotection necklacee wprotection necklacee lry sizprotection necklacee s from picturprotection necklacee s alonprotection necklacee . On somprotection necklacee of thprotection necklacee sprotection necklacee al piprotection necklacee cprotection necklacee s thprotection necklacee tprotection necklacee xt is so small as to bprotection necklacee rprotection necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making thprotection necklacee mprotection necklacee aning a sprotection necklacee crprotection necklacee t bprotection necklacee twprotection necklacee protection necklacee n you and thosprotection necklacee you choosprotection necklacee to tprotection necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasprotection necklacee will ship in 3-5 businprotection necklacee ss days. Oncprotection necklacee shippprotection necklacee d, plprotection necklacee asprotection necklacee allow a minimum of 3 wprotection necklacee protection necklacee ks to rprotection necklacee cprotection necklacee ivprotection necklacee your ordprotection necklacee r405B - Dragon Crprotection necklacee st in Bronzprotection necklacee

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