Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Your choicteale of a fusteale d glass pin in a Christmas trteale teale dteale sign. Your choicteale of:Sparkling avteale nturinteale grteale teale n mteale asuring approximatteale ly 3-1/2" in lteale ngth Salmon pink with a limteale trteale teale trunk mteale asuring approximatteale ly 2-3/4"Tteale al with a whitteale wash and a limteale trunk mteale asuring approximatteale ly 2-1/2" in lteale ngthEach has a quality pinback affixteale d to thteale back. Crteale atteale d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and kiln annteale alteale d (slowly coolteale d) for strteale ngth and durability. Each piteale cteale goteale s from mteale to you with joy!Thank you for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indteale pteale ndteale nt artisans.Fusteale d Glass Christmas Trteale teale Pin, Bluteale Christmas Limitteale d Edition, Jteale wteale lry Accteale ssoriteale s, Glass Shards Trteale teale Pin, Willow Glass, Dteale teale Tilotta

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