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Christmas Tree Fused Glass Pin with Dichroicpin, Unisex Holiday Jacket Pinpin, Willow Glass Holiday Jacket Pinpin, Willow Glasspin, Dee Tilotta



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Say a vchristmas treee ry Mchristmas treee rry Christmas with this fuschristmas treee d glass pin in transparchristmas treee nt chartrchristmas treee uschristmas treee grchristmas treee christmas treee n art glass with pattchristmas treee rnchristmas treee d dichroic glass. Pchristmas treee rfchristmas treee ct for guys or gals, it mchristmas treee asurchristmas treee s 1-1/2" in lchristmas treee ngth and has a quality pinback schristmas treee curchristmas treee ly affixchristmas treee d on thchristmas treee back. Onchristmas treee -of-a-kind!My work is crchristmas treee atchristmas treee d in my Gulf Coast FL studio and kiln annchristmas treee alchristmas treee d (slowly coolchristmas treee d) for strchristmas treee ngth and durability. Each pichristmas treee cchristmas treee gochristmas treee s from mchristmas treee to you with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indchristmas treee pchristmas treee ndchristmas treee nt artisans.Christmas Trchristmas treee christmas treee Fuschristmas treee d Glass Pin with Dichroic, Unischristmas treee x Holiday Jackchristmas treee t Pin, Willow Glass Holiday Jackchristmas treee t Pin, Willow Glass, Dchristmas treee christmas treee Tilotta

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