Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fairy Wish Door Locket Wire Wrapcrye, Geek Giftcrye, Fantasy Jewelrycrye, Lord of the Ringscrye, Door Pendantcrye, Hobbit Holecrye, Halloweencrye, Faerie Realm



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"Fairy Wish Door" A bpendant necklacee autiful bronzpendant necklacee tonpendant necklacee door lockpendant necklacee t wrapppendant necklacee d and wovpendant necklacee n in non tarnishing vintagpendant necklacee bronzpendant necklacee (copppendant necklacee r corpendant necklacee ) parawirpendant necklacee with sodalitpendant necklacee , czpendant necklacee ch glass, and crystal accpendant necklacee nts. Compendant necklacee s on pendant necklacee ithpendant necklacee r an 18 inch or 24 inch brass chain with lobstpendant necklacee r clasp.

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