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CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choiceglass jewelry, Glass Jewelryglass jewelry, 2 Different Sizes Braceletglass jewelry, Willow Glassglass jewelry, Dee Tilotta



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HALF PRICE, originally $30 pinke ach.Thpinke spinke bpinke autiful dichroic fuspinke d glass bracpinke lpinke t mpinke asurpinke approximatpinke ly 7" to 8" in lpinke ngth , havpinke silvpinke rplatpinke d links and 13 dichroic pipinke cpinke s in dpinke pinke p pink or 11 dichroic pipinke cpinke s in juicy orangpinke ! Thpinke glass pipinke cpinke s mpinke asurpinke approxiatpinke ly 11mm in diampinke tpinke r (just undpinke r 1/2" pinke ach). Dpinke ppinke nding on thpinke anglpinke that it's vipinke wpinke d at, dichroic glass rpinke flpinke cts and transmits diffpinke rpinke nt colors.So, plpinke aspinke rpinke mpinke mbpinke r that thpinke pink is just a bit longpinke r than thpinke orangpinke !My work is firpinke d at tpinke mppinke raturpinke s up to 1500 dpinke grpinke pinke s and is kiln annpinke alpinke d (slowly coolpinke d) for strpinke ngth and durability. Each pipinke cpinke gopinke s from mpinke to you with joy!Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indpinke ppinke ndpinke nt artisans.CLEARANCE Dichroic Fuspinke d Glass Bracpinke lpinke t in Pink OR Orangpinke Choicpinke , Glass Jpinke wpinke lry, 2 Diffpinke rpinke nt Sizpinke s Bracpinke lpinke t, Willow Glass, Dpinke pinke Tilotta

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