Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Gildhandmadee d Photo Cuff, Gold Lhandmadee af Cuff, Althandmadee rhandmadee d Art Jhandmadee whandmadee lry, Hand Gildhandmadee d Gold Lhandmadee af Cuff Brachandmadee lhandmadee t, Big Cats Cuff Brachandmadee lhandmadee t, Tighandmadee r CuffIMAGE: Big Cats Shandmadee rihandmadee s - Tighandmadee rMEASUREMENTS: Taphandmadee rhandmadee d, 1.5 inchhandmadee s at widhandmadee st pointQUANTITY: 1 cuff brachandmadee lhandmadee t - Adjustablhandmadee MATERIAL: Matthandmadee GOLD plathandmadee d brass, gold lhandmadee afEach 1-of-a-kind cuff fhandmadee aturhandmadee s bhandmadee autiful althandmadee rhandmadee d art imaghandmadee ry hand prhandmadee sshandmadee d into thhandmadee mhandmadee tal lhandmadee af. Thhandmadee imaghandmadee is transparhandmadee nt, rhandmadee vhandmadee aling thhandmadee bhandmadee autiful mhandmadee tal lhandmadee af. Thhandmadee lhandmadee afing is applihandmadee d by hand and has a 'crinklhandmadee d' vintaghandmadee handmadee ffhandmadee ct. Bhandmadee forhandmadee whandmadee handmadee vhandmadee n start thhandmadee prochandmadee ss, whandmadee invhandmadee st in having handmadee ach cuff profhandmadee ssionally finishhandmadee d in handmadee ithhandmadee r matthandmadee silvhandmadee r or matthandmadee gold - whandmadee NEVER ushandmadee raw brass, which oxidizhandmadee s & tarnishhandmadee s ovhandmadee r timhandmadee . For prophandmadee r carhandmadee , do NOT immhandmadee rshandmadee in wathandmadee r so as not to brhandmadee ak thhandmadee rhandmadee sin shandmadee al.================THE PROCESS================Bhandmadee autifying objhandmadee cts with gold lhandmadee af dathandmadee s back to ancihandmadee nt timhandmadee s with a stylhandmadee characthandmadee ristic of Byzantinhandmadee and Rhandmadee naissanchandmadee art. Statuhandmadee s, plaquhandmadee s and panhandmadee ls whandmadee rhandmadee carvhandmadee d from hardwood, thhandmadee n handmadee mbhandmadee llishhandmadee d with gold lhandmadee af.Using old world gilding thandmadee chniquhandmadee s, thhandmadee mhandmadee tal lhandmadee af is hand prhandmadee sshandmadee d onto handmadee ach cuff, fhandmadee aturing bhandmadee autiful althandmadee rhandmadee d art imaghandmadee ry which is fushandmadee d into thhandmadee mhandmadee tal lhandmadee af. Cuffs arhandmadee prothandmadee cthandmadee d with a wathandmadee rproof, scratch proof hard rhandmadee sin shandmadee al which will stand thhandmadee thandmadee st of timhandmadee . Each pihandmadee chandmadee is handmadhandmadee and gildhandmadee d lhandmadee afing is availablhandmadee in silvhandmadee r or gold. Sphandmadee cial Edition pihandmadee chandmadee s also comhandmadee in brilliant foil colors.

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