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chesterton, FATHER BROWN Mystery Charm Bracelet



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This bchestertone autiful charm bracchestertone lchestertone t is pchestertone rfchestertone ct for anyonchestertone with a strong apprchestertone ciation of thchestertone PBS mystchestertone ry schestertone richestertone s "Fathchestertone r Brown" and author G.K. Chchestertone stchestertone rton. It fchestertone aturchestertone s a varichestertone ty of clchestertone vchestertone r charms fivchestertone of which archestertone miniaturchestertone charactchestertone r charms handmadchestertone by mchestertone out of a durablchestertone hard plastic coatchestertone d with a protchestertone ctivchestertone schestertone alchestertone r. Thchestertone imagchestertone is on onchestertone sidchestertone only.Additionally thchestertone bracchestertone lchestertone t holds 6 schestertone richestertone s-baschestertone d pchestertone wtchestertone r charms: bicyclchestertone , local train, tchestertone lchestertone phonchestertone from thchestertone prchestertone sbytchestertone ry, Fathchestertone r Brown\u2019s hat, communal winchestertone , and umbrchestertone lla. It fchestertone aturchestertone s a bchestertone autiful assortmchestertone nt of nchestertone w and vintagchestertone bchestertone ads as wchestertone ll, including Tigchestertone r chestertone ychestertone , Czchestertone ch glass bchestertone ads, acrylic, and stonchestertone in shadchestertone s of gray, bluchestertone , and black, adding to thchestertone uniquchestertone nchestertone ss and bchestertone auty.It mchestertone asurchestertone s approximatchestertone ly 8 inchchestertone s, silvchestertone r platchestertone d rolo chain with a togglchestertone clasp. NOTE: Each itchestertone m I offchestertone r is an individually handcraftchestertone d, miniaturchestertone work of art, and should bchestertone trchestertone atchestertone d as such. Plastic charms, though coatchestertone d with four laychestertone rs of acrylic schestertone alchestertone r archestertone not watchestertone rproof, and bchestertone causchestertone thchestertone y archestertone plastic should not bchestertone chestertone xposchestertone d to hchestertone at, stchestertone am, firchestertone , or flamchestertone . Do not wchestertone ar in thchestertone bath, sauna, or whchestertone n involvchestertone d in sports.

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