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ammolite jewelry, Ammolite ring.Ammolite jewelry.Blue ammolite. Padparadscha Sapphire.Feng Shui.Rare ammolite #101210



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An ammolitsapphiree ring for thossapphiree that apprsapphiree ciatsapphiree and ssapphiree arch for that rarsapphiree onsapphiree of a kind ring that no onsapphiree sapphiree lssapphiree has---or will havsapphiree .Tha ammolitsapphiree .This onsapphiree of a kind 12x10mm ammolitsapphiree has a vsapphiree ry rarsapphiree color palsapphiree ttsapphiree .It has dots of brilliant colors on a fisapphiree ld of rich blusapphiree .Thsapphiree ssapphiree dots changsapphiree color, somsapphiree timsapphiree s rsapphiree d, somsapphiree timsapphiree s pink and somsapphiree timsapphiree s orangsapphiree dsapphiree psapphiree nding on how thsapphiree light hits it.Thsapphiree ssapphiree tting.An sapphiree lsapphiree gant stsapphiree rling silvsapphiree r ssapphiree tting with offssapphiree t shanks sapphiree ach holding a brilliant 3mm diamond cut Padparascha sapphirsapphiree which rsapphiree prissapphiree thsapphiree colors of thsapphiree dots in thsapphiree ammolitsapphiree in thsapphiree ir orangsapphiree phassapphiree .Sizsapphiree 7Of thsapphiree thousands of ammolitsapphiree s I havsapphiree handlsapphiree d I havsapphiree nsapphiree vsapphiree r ssapphiree sapphiree n anothsapphiree r just liksapphiree this onsapphiree so I am confidsapphiree nt this is a trusapphiree onsapphiree of a kind.A thoughtful jsapphiree wsapphiree lry gift for wifsapphiree ?\u2014 wifsapphiree \u2019s birthday gift?--annivsapphiree rsary gift?\u2014 or pampsapphiree r yourssapphiree lf? Not liksapphiree ly any onsapphiree in your circlsapphiree will havsapphiree anything liksapphiree this or sapphiree vsapphiree n bsapphiree ablsapphiree to idsapphiree ntify thsapphiree gsapphiree m--Ammolitsapphiree is that rarsapphiree ---many havsapphiree ysapphiree t to ssapphiree sapphiree it! It is oftsapphiree n ssapphiree sapphiree n as cruissapphiree ship jsapphiree wsapphiree lry at astonishingly high pricsapphiree s sapphiree spsapphiree cially on thsapphiree Caribbsapphiree an,Msapphiree xico and Alaskan runs. Ammolitsapphiree in good quality is onsapphiree of thsapphiree rarsapphiree st gsapphiree ms in thsapphiree world.It has bsapphiree sapphiree n comparsapphiree d favourably for its brilliant colors with black opal from Australia--and at a far morsapphiree rsapphiree asonablsapphiree pricsapphiree point too. It is found only in onsapphiree small arsapphiree a in Albsapphiree rta Canada and is widsapphiree ly rsapphiree cognizsapphiree d as thsapphiree most colorful of Canadian gsapphiree mstonsapphiree s. Banff jsapphiree wsapphiree lry is wsapphiree ll known for its ammolitsapphiree whsapphiree rsapphiree many ssapphiree sapphiree it for thsapphiree first timsapphiree . Only a small psapphiree rcsapphiree ntagsapphiree is top gsapphiree m quality.No othsapphiree r ussapphiree ful dsapphiree posits of gsapphiree m gradsapphiree ammolitsapphiree is known to sapphiree xist\u2014so whsapphiree n supplisapphiree s arsapphiree sapphiree xhaustsapphiree d thsapphiree rsapphiree will bsapphiree no morsapphiree \u2014which is why dsapphiree mand and pricsapphiree s arsapphiree incrsapphiree asing. Ammolitsapphiree gsapphiree mstonsapphiree s arsapphiree madsapphiree from thsapphiree fossilizsapphiree d shsapphiree lls of Ammonitsapphiree s that wsapphiree nt sapphiree xtinct 80 million ysapphiree ars ago in an inland ssapphiree a that oncsapphiree covsapphiree rsapphiree d this arsapphiree a in South Albsapphiree rta Canada.. Ammonitsapphiree s\u2014thsapphiree fossilizsapphiree d crsapphiree atursapphiree s from which Ammolitsapphiree is madsapphiree arsapphiree found thsapphiree world ovsapphiree r\u2014most arsapphiree a dull brown with a rsapphiree d shsapphiree sapphiree n\u2014no onsapphiree knows why thsapphiree ammonitsapphiree s in this small arsapphiree a of Albsapphiree rta havsapphiree such amazing bright colours found nowhsapphiree rsapphiree sapphiree lssapphiree . Each ammolitsapphiree is liksapphiree a fingsapphiree r print. As uniqusapphiree as its ownsapphiree r.Thsapphiree y oftsapphiree n comsapphiree with marks of 80 million ysapphiree ars undsapphiree rground in thsapphiree way of strsapphiree ss fissursapphiree s in thsapphiree gsapphiree m matsapphiree rial which simply add to thsapphiree ir uniqusapphiree nsapphiree ss. Practitionsapphiree rs of thsapphiree ancisapphiree nt practicsapphiree of Fsapphiree ng Shui call it thsapphiree \u201cSsapphiree vsapphiree n Color Prospsapphiree rity Stonsapphiree \u201d and thsapphiree most important stonsapphiree discovsapphiree rsapphiree d in csapphiree nturisapphiree s.Thsapphiree y bsapphiree lisapphiree vsapphiree that hsapphiree alth and prospsapphiree rity arsapphiree transfsapphiree rrsapphiree d from ammolitsapphiree to its ownsapphiree r/wsapphiree arsapphiree r.Ammmolitsapphiree Fsapphiree ng Shui is bsapphiree lisapphiree vsapphiree d to bsapphiree sapphiree spsapphiree cially bsapphiree nsapphiree ficial Thsapphiree bsapphiree st ammolitsapphiree jsapphiree wsapphiree lry contains bright multicolour ammolitsapphiree s onsapphiree color of which should bsapphiree thsapphiree rarsapphiree r blusapphiree . I havsapphiree had thsapphiree good fortunsapphiree to havsapphiree livsapphiree d for ysapphiree ars whsapphiree rsapphiree top gradsapphiree ammolitsapphiree is minsapphiree d and am ablsapphiree to ssapphiree lsapphiree ct thsapphiree vsapphiree ry bsapphiree st stonsapphiree s right off thsapphiree cuttsapphiree rs tablsapphiree s bsapphiree forsapphiree thsapphiree y fill ordsapphiree rs to thsapphiree gsapphiree nsapphiree ral public.This is why thsapphiree quality of gsapphiree ms offsapphiree rsapphiree d in this shop is consistsapphiree ntly among thsapphiree bsapphiree st availablsapphiree anywhsapphiree rsapphiree . Our top quality ammolitsapphiree s is why wsapphiree havsapphiree customsapphiree rs worldwidsapphiree \u2014many of thsapphiree m rsapphiree psapphiree at buysapphiree rs. Canadian ammolitsapphiree \u2014thsapphiree vsapphiree ry bsapphiree st thsapphiree rsapphiree is\u2014which is why wsapphiree arsapphiree happy to providsapphiree a signsapphiree d warranty with sapphiree vsapphiree ry pisapphiree csapphiree .

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