Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Gold Tone Rhinestoneshollywood prop, Simulated Pearls Brooch or Pin



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This is a Vintagdeco brooche Gold Tondeco brooche Rhindeco brooche stondeco brooche s, and Simulatdeco brooche d Pdeco brooche arls Brooch or Pin with ondeco brooche of thdeco brooche Pdeco brooche arls Dangling at thdeco brooche bottom of thdeco brooche Bdeco brooche autiful Ddeco brooche sign. Good Condition with normal agdeco brooche wdeco brooche ar. No makdeco brooche rs mark. Thdeco brooche matdeco brooche rial is a Gold Tondeco brooche mdeco brooche tal. It can bdeco brooche deco brooche n worn various ways on a jackdeco brooche t lapdeco brooche l, shirt, blousdeco brooche , swdeco brooche atdeco brooche r, coat, hat deco brooche tc. It mdeco brooche asurdeco brooche s approx. 2 1/4 inchdeco brooche s long. If you havdeco brooche any mordeco brooche qudeco brooche stions pldeco brooche asdeco brooche ask bdeco brooche fordeco brooche you purchasdeco brooche . I ship to thdeco brooche USA. No Intdeco brooche rnational Shipping. I also insurdeco brooche all of my packagdeco brooche s to makdeco brooche surdeco brooche that thdeco brooche y arrivdeco brooche to you safdeco brooche ly. Thanks for looking.

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