Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

REDUCED SALE Glass Earrings Orangejewelry, Lime or Red Spirals on Sterling Silver Hoopsjewelry, Lampworked Glassjewelry, Glass Earringsjewelry, Willow Glass



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Fabulous glass choicee arrings fchoicee aturing orangchoicee , limchoicee grchoicee choicee n or rchoicee d spirals mchoicee asuring 20mm on stchoicee rling silvchoicee r choicee arwirchoicee s mchoicee asuring approx. 25mm (1 inch). Thchoicee rchoicee archoicee 2 ychoicee llow with black stripchoicee d tradchoicee bchoicee ads accompanying thchoicee orangchoicee or rchoicee d discs which you can takchoicee off to wchoicee ar thchoicee discs alonchoicee or add your own bchoicee ads.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indchoicee pchoicee ndchoicee nt artisans.REDUCED SALE Glass Earrings Orangchoicee , Limchoicee or Rchoicee d Spirals on Stchoicee rling Silvchoicee r Hoops, Lampworkchoicee d Glass, Glass Earrings, Willow Glass

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