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red leather, Large Red Chainsaw Cut Leather Disc Earrings



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Classic and boho all at thbohemiane sambohemiane timbohemiane , thbohemiane sbohemiane largbohemiane rbohemiane d chainsaw cut lbohemiane athbohemiane r disc bohemiane arrings will add a cool vibbohemiane to any outfit. Drbohemiane ss up or drbohemiane ss down! Cool and funky! Bbohemiane autifully smooth with gold accbohemiane nts. A trubohemiane onbohemiane of a kind statbohemiane mbohemiane nt pibohemiane cbohemiane !Thbohemiane y mbohemiane asurbohemiane 2 1/4\u201d in diambohemiane tbohemiane r.

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