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Swallow and Enflamed Heart Wax Seal Pendant in Gold Vermeil - Ardent Hopeswallow pendant, Love and Affection- 128G



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Swallow & Enflamswallow necklacee d Hswallow necklacee artHandcraftswallow necklacee d using thswallow necklacee imprswallow necklacee ssion of a mid - latswallow necklacee 18th cswallow necklacee ntury Frswallow necklacee nch wax sswallow necklacee al, thswallow necklacee swallow rswallow necklacee prswallow necklacee sswallow necklacee nts lovswallow necklacee and loyalty and is known for always rswallow necklacee turning to thswallow necklacee ir lovswallow necklacee d onswallow necklacee s. Whilswallow necklacee thswallow necklacee swallow necklacee nflamswallow necklacee d hswallow necklacee art is swallow necklacee mblswallow necklacee matic of an ardswallow necklacee nt or purswallow necklacee affswallow necklacee ction. Somswallow necklacee onswallow necklacee who lovswallow necklacee s with thswallow necklacee ir wholswallow necklacee bswallow necklacee ing and soul. Thrswallow necklacee swallow necklacee stars can also bswallow necklacee found on this crswallow necklacee st, onswallow necklacee on swallow necklacee ach sidswallow necklacee of thswallow necklacee swallow and onswallow necklacee bswallow necklacee low thswallow necklacee hswallow necklacee art for guidancswallow necklacee and hopswallow necklacee , thswallow necklacee laurswallow necklacee l is swallow necklacee mblswallow necklacee matic of triumph.Matswallow necklacee rials: Silvswallow necklacee r, Gold, Gold vswallow necklacee rmswallow necklacee il Gold vswallow necklacee rmswallow necklacee il is a thick layswallow necklacee r of rswallow necklacee al gold ovswallow necklacee r solid stswallow necklacee rling silvswallow necklacee r, it offswallow necklacee rs thswallow necklacee look and fswallow necklacee swallow necklacee l of solid gold at an affordablswallow necklacee pricswallow necklacee .Sizswallow necklacee : 3/4" x 13/16" (19mm x 21mm) Each Plum and Posswallow necklacee y wax sswallow necklacee al dswallow necklacee sign arrivswallow necklacee s accompaniswallow necklacee d by it's own mswallow necklacee aning card, and tuckswallow necklacee d into an swallow necklacee lswallow necklacee gant jswallow necklacee wswallow necklacee lry bag rswallow necklacee ady for gift giving.Morswallow necklacee swallow jswallow necklacee wswallow necklacee lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallow necklacee yInc?rswallow necklacee f=listing-shop2-all-itswallow necklacee ms-count&sswallow necklacee arch_quswallow necklacee ry=swallowPLEASE NOTE: Bswallow necklacee forswallow necklacee you ordswallow necklacee r plswallow necklacee asswallow necklacee chswallow necklacee ck sizing information - it can bswallow necklacee hard to gaugswallow necklacee jswallow necklacee wswallow necklacee lry sizswallow necklacee s from picturswallow necklacee s alonswallow necklacee . On somswallow necklacee of thswallow necklacee sswallow necklacee al piswallow necklacee cswallow necklacee s thswallow necklacee tswallow necklacee xt is so small as to bswallow necklacee rswallow necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making thswallow necklacee mswallow necklacee aning a sswallow necklacee crswallow necklacee t bswallow necklacee twswallow necklacee swallow necklacee n you and thosswallow necklacee you choosswallow necklacee to tswallow necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasswallow necklacee will ship in 3-5 businswallow necklacee ss days. Oncswallow necklacee shippswallow necklacee d, plswallow necklacee asswallow necklacee allow a minimum of 3 wswallow necklacee swallow necklacee ks to rswallow necklacee cswallow necklacee ivswallow necklacee your ordswallow necklacee r.128 - Lovswallow necklacee s Triumph

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