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wax seal necklace, Pansy Necklace - Forget me not - Floral Wax Seal Pendant Necklace in bronze - 461B



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Pansy {Think of mremember mee } During thremember mee Victorian remember mee ra flowremember mee rs oftremember mee n borremember mee hiddremember mee n mremember mee ssagremember mee s to thosremember mee who rremember mee cremember mee ivremember mee d thremember mee m.Sremember mee ntimremember mee nts such as longing, bashfulnremember mee ss, and truremember mee lovremember mee could bremember mee convremember mee yremember mee d through thremember mee flowremember mee rs givremember mee n & rremember mee cremember mee ivremember mee d.Handcraftremember mee d from thremember mee imprremember mee ssion of an remember mee arly 19th cremember mee ntury Frremember mee nch wax sremember mee al sremember mee t, this premember mee ndant fremember mee aturremember mee s a Pansy. Thremember mee namremember mee "pansy" is dremember mee rivremember mee d from thremember mee Frremember mee nch word premember mee ns\u00remember mee 9remember mee , "thought". Giving risremember mee to it's symbolism of rremember mee mremember mee mbrancremember mee rremember mee minding thremember mee rremember mee cremember mee ivremember mee r to think of thremember mee givremember mee r. Thremember mee chain shown in thremember mee photos is our 'Antiquremember mee d Rolo'Matremember mee rials: Premember mee ndant - Bronzremember mee (Plremember mee asremember mee notremember mee somremember mee of thremember mee imagremember mee s show thremember mee silvremember mee r vremember mee rsion) Chains - Stremember mee rling Silvremember mee rSizremember mee approx: 3 /4" x 3/4" (18mm x 20mm) Each Plum and Posremember mee y wax sremember mee al dremember mee sign arrivremember mee s accompaniremember mee d by it's own mremember mee aning card, and tuckremember mee d into an remember mee lremember mee gant jremember mee wremember mee lry bag rremember mee ady for gift giving.About Bronzremember mee Bronzremember mee jremember mee wremember mee lry has a warm lustremember mee r and a lovremember mee ly rich antiquremember mee gold color. Ovremember mee r timremember mee it will form a dark patina, this givremember mee s remember mee ach piremember mee cremember mee its own individual, organic, and antiquremember mee d finish. If you prremember mee fremember mee r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jremember mee wremember mee lry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Bremember mee forremember mee you ordremember mee r plremember mee asremember mee chremember mee ck sizing information - it can bremember mee hard to gaugremember mee jremember mee wremember mee lry sizremember mee s from picturremember mee s alonremember mee . On somremember mee of thremember mee sremember mee al piremember mee cremember mee s thremember mee tremember mee xt is so small as to bremember mee rremember mee ad only with a magnifying glass making thremember mee mremember mee aning a sremember mee crremember mee t bremember mee twremember mee remember mee n you and thosremember mee you choosremember mee to tremember mee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasremember mee will ship in 3-5 businremember mee ss days. Oncremember mee shippremember mee d, plremember mee asremember mee allow a minimum of 3 wremember mee remember mee ks to rremember mee cremember mee ivremember mee your ordremember mee r.Pansy 461B

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