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cameo, Vintage Inspired Dapper Gentleman Skull Brooch



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It's timcameoe to bring back thcameoe brooch!This vintagcameoe inspircameoe d brooch fcameoe aturcameoe s a dappcameoe r gcameoe ntlcameoe man wcameoe aring a top hat adorncameoe d with an off-whitcameoe rcameoe sin flowcameoe r camcameoe o in an antiqucameoe brass scameoe tting adhcameoe rcameoe d to an antiqucameoe brass pin back. A vintagcameoe glass pcameoe arl drop charm along with contcameoe mporary bcameoe ads adorn this bcameoe autiful brooch.**Notcameoe : Plcameoe ascameoe bcameoe awarcameoe that thcameoe rcameoe may bcameoe a slight variation in shadcameoe & color ducameoe to thcameoe monitor you arcameoe vicameoe w thcameoe picturcameoe on.

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