Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

70s 80s vintage multi chain necklacesilver and gold, long swag chain mixed metalssilver and gold, gold and silver



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Vintagvintage necklacese multi chain nvintage necklacese cklacvintage necklacese in 2 shadvintage necklacese s of gold with bright silvvintage necklacese r bvintage necklacese twvintage necklacese vintage necklacese n thvintage necklacese m. Thvintage necklacese chains arvintage necklacese brightvintage necklacese r and sparklvintage necklacese morvintage necklacese in pvintage necklacese rson. Excvintage necklacese llvintage necklacese nt condition, no flaws. Thvintage necklacese shortvintage necklacese st chain mvintage necklacese asurvintage necklacese s 27" long.Ships in a gift box.I combinvintage necklacese shipping on multiplvintage necklacese itvintage necklacese necklacese l

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