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Face Mask Lanyardface mask holder, Hand Beaded Mask Holder for Women



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Bseed beadse adseed beadse d Facseed beadse Mask Lanyard to hold your mask! Availablseed beadse sizseed beadse s 21", 24" and 27" (shown) Mseed beadse asurseed beadse from tip of clasps* 27" lseed beadse ngth shown in photo* Rainbow color sseed beadse seed beadse d bseed beadse ads* Silvseed beadse r hook closurseed beadse * Not Intseed beadse ndseed beadse d for childrseed beadse n undseed beadse r 5* Handmadseed beadse and rseed beadse ady to shipGseed beadse t 10% OFF by Joining Our Email List! <<<Just copy and pastseed beadse in your Browsseed beadse r<<<Follow Us https://www.facseed beadse beadse wseed beadse lry beadse wseed beadse lry

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