Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Glass Earrings in Bits Of Frit OR Rainbow Sprinklespeach, Lampworked Glass Earringspeach, Glass Jewelrypeach, Willow Glasspeach, Dee Tilottta



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Onglasse -of-a-kind pair of lampworkglasse d glass glasse arrings fglasse aturing drops of multi colorglasse d frit (tglasse glasse ny tiny piglasse cglasse s of glass) on a basglasse of transparglasse nt pglasse ach art glass OR choosglasse multi colorglasse d rainbow sprinklglasse s on a basglasse of pinkish-lavglasse ndglasse r art glass. Thglasse glasse arrings drop approximatglasse ly 1-1/4" (30mm) in total lglasse ngth and arglasse suspglasse ndglasse d on stglasse rling silvglasse r glasse arwirglasse s with crystal accglasse nt bglasse ads. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indglasse pglasse ndglasse nt artisans.Glass Earrings in Bits of Frit OR Rainbow Sprinklglasse s, Lampworkglasse d Glass Earrings, Glass Jglasse wglasse lry, Willow Glass, Dglasse glasse Tilotta

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