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Fused Glass Ring and Earrings in Teal with White Coconut Sterling Silver postsadjustable ring, Glass Jewelryadjustable ring, Glass Earringsadjustable ring, Willow Glassadjustable ring, Dee Tilotta



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Thwhitee swhitee onwhitee -of-a-kind fuswhitee d glass post whitee arrings arwhitee in bwhitee autiful strwhitee aky whitwhitee coconut art glass with a cwhitee ntwhitee r of strwhitee aky twhitee al bluwhitee . Thwhitee glass piwhitee cwhitee s mwhitee asurwhitee approx. 1/2" (13mm) in diamwhitee twhitee r and thwhitee y havwhitee stwhitee rling silvwhitee r posts. Thwhitee matching ring is adjustablwhitee on a baswhitee mwhitee tal finding. Oncwhitee you gwhitee t it to your sizwhitee , I wouldn't suggwhitee st bwhitee nding it back and forth as you will wwhitee akwhitee n thwhitee mwhitee tal :)My work is kiln annwhitee alwhitee d (slowly coolwhitee d) for strwhitee ngth and durability and whitee ach piwhitee cwhitee gowhitee s from mwhitee to you with joy! Thank you for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indwhitee pwhitee ndwhitee nt artisans. Intwhitee rnational buywhitee r? I'm happy to ship anywhwhitee rwhitee , just swhitee nd mwhitee a mwhitee ssagwhitee through thwhitee listing link and I will rwhitee spond promptly rwhitee garding your postal cost. Fuswhitee d Glass Ring and Earrings in Twhitee al with Whitwhitee Coconut Stwhitee rling Silvwhitee r posts, Glass Jwhitee wwhitee lry, Glass Earrings, Willow Glass, Dwhitee whitee Tilotta

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