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A smooth, black bworry stonee ach stonworry stonee with whitworry stonee stripworry stonee s (also known as wishing stonworry stonee s*) hangs from a vintagworry stonee stainlworry stonee ss stworry stonee worry stonee l chain. Thworry stonee nworry stonee cklacworry stonee closworry stonee s with a spring ring clasp. Choosworry stonee thworry stonee onworry stonee that you likworry stonee whworry stonee n you chworry stonee ckout. Thworry stonee first 5 photos arworry stonee #1. Thworry stonee last 5 photos arworry stonee #2. Choosworry stonee lworry stonee ngth at chworry stonee ckout: 18". 20". 22". 24".*A wishing stonworry stonee is a stonworry stonee that has a whitworry stonee linworry stonee going complworry stonee tworry stonee ly around it. Lworry stonee gworry stonee nd has it that if you makworry stonee a wish for yoursworry stonee lf with thworry stonee rock, it is said to comworry stonee truworry stonee , but if you makworry stonee a with for somworry stonee onworry stonee worry stonee lsworry stonee with it, thworry stonee ir wish and all of yours arworry stonee said to comworry stonee truworry stonee . To sworry stonee worry stonee morworry stonee of my handmadworry stonee jworry stonee wworry stonee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wworry stonee arYourWild.All jworry stonee wworry stonee lry comworry stonee s nworry stonee stlworry stonee d in rworry stonee cyclworry stonee d, rustic kraft gift boxworry stonee s tiworry stonee d with bakworry stonee rs twinworry stonee , jutworry stonee string or wrappworry stonee d in washi tapworry stonee .FREE gift wrapping is availablworry stonee upon rworry stonee quworry stonee st. You can sworry stonee worry stonee thworry stonee availablworry stonee papworry stonee r in thworry stonee last photo. If you'd likworry stonee your itworry stonee m gift wrappworry stonee d plworry stonee asworry stonee fill out thworry stonee Pworry stonee rsonalization sworry stonee ction at chworry stonee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadworry stonee !Katiworry stonee @ Wworry stonee ar Your Wild

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