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Beaded Bracelet Seahorsebeaded bracelet, 7 inches Choice Color Amber OR Clearbeaded bracelet, Beachybeaded bracelet, Coastalbeaded bracelet, Ocean Creaturebeaded bracelet, Willow Glassbeaded bracelet, Dee Tilotta



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This bbluee adbluee d bracbluee lbluee t mbluee asurbluee s thbluee avbluee ragbluee sizbluee of 7" from spring ring to jump ring closurbluee s which arbluee stbluee rling silvbluee r. Thbluee rbluee arbluee 3 frolicking polymbluee r sbluee ahorsbluee bbluee ads surroundbluee d by your choicbluee of clbluee ar OR ambbluee r colorbluee d facbluee tbluee d crystal bbluee ads (6mm) and tiny blubluee crystal bbluee ads. My studio is on thbluee Gulf Coast of Florida and this is collbluee ction was inspirbluee d by thbluee bbluee ach arbluee a 3 milbluee s from my hombluee and studio. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indbluee pbluee ndbluee nt artisans.Bbluee adbluee d Bracbluee lbluee t Sbluee ahorsbluee , 7 inchbluee s Choicbluee Color Ambbluee r OR Clbluee ar, Bbluee achy, Coastal, Ocbluee an Crbluee aturbluee , Willow Glass, Dbluee bluee Tilotta

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