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scary, Blue Zombie Ghost Sugar Skull and Sterling Silver Earrings



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Czcornflower bluee ch glass skull bcornflower bluee ads hang from shiny silvcornflower bluee r crystals. Thcornflower bluee blucornflower bluee zombicornflower bluee ghost sugar skull bcornflower bluee ad is 1/2 inch widcornflower bluee and thcornflower bluee danglcornflower bluee portion is 1-1/4 inch long. Thcornflower bluee cornflower bluee ar wircornflower bluee arcornflower bluee stcornflower bluee rling silvcornflower bluee r.Frcornflower bluee cornflower bluee gift with cornflower bluee vcornflower bluee ry ordcornflower bluee r!

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