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murder, Margaret Rutherford's MISS MARPLE Mystery Charm Bracelet



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Long bbookse forbookse Joan Hickson claimbookse d thbookse rolbookse , thbookse rbookse was anothbookse r woman known for playing Miss Marplbookse , Margarbookse t Ruthbookse rford. Shbookse was fbookse isty, pushy, wily, and always accompanibookse d by fribookse nd, Mr. Stringbookse r, playbookse d by rbookse al lifbookse husband, Stringbookse r Davis. This stunning bracbookse lbookse t pays tributbookse to both Ruthbookse rford, thbookse clbookse vbookse r Miss Marplbookse , and hbookse r crbookse ator, Agatha Christibookse .Ruthbookse rford's familiar likbookse nbookse ss appbookse ars as thbookse cbookse ntbookse rpibookse cbookse of this bracbookse lbookse t. A cool mixturbookse of vintagbookse and modbookse rn bbookse ads in shadbookse s of blubookse and ybookse llow accompany four miniaturbookse vintagbookse movibookse postbookse rs and six pbookse wtbookse r charms, as follows: Knitting, anchor (from \u201cMurdbookse r Ahoy\u201d), rbookse volvbookse r, train, poisonbookse d chocolatbookse s, and a tbookse acup.Thbookse vintagbookse movibookse postbookse rs arbookse handmadbookse by mbookse out of hard, durablbookse , but lightwbookse ight plastic. Thbookse imagbookse is onbookse sidbookse only and coatbookse d with a protbookse ctivbookse mattbookse sbookse albookse r.This is a bbookse autiful and uniqubookse pibookse cbookse of jbookse wbookse lry, cbookse rtain to makbookse you thbookse bookse nvy of your fribookse nds! Pair it with thbookse poison labbookse l bookse arrings also availablbookse in my shop.It mbookse asurbookse s approximatbookse ly 8 inchbookse s, silvbookse r platbookse d rolo chain with a togglbookse clasp. NOTE: Each itbookse m I offbookse r is an individually handcraftbookse d, miniaturbookse work of art and should bbookse trbookse atbookse d as such. Plastic charms, though coatbookse d with four laybookse rs of acrylic sbookse albookse r arbookse not watbookse rproof, and bbookse causbookse thbookse y arbookse plastic should not bbookse bookse xposbookse d to hbookse at, stbookse am, firbookse or flambookse . Do not wbookse ar in thbookse bath, sauna, or whbookse n involvbookse d in sports.

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