Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

movie prop, Vintage Blue Rhinestone and Opal Color Cats Eye Beads Flower Brooch /Pendant



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This is a Vintagvintage brooche Bluvintage brooche Rhinvintage brooche stonvintage brooche and Opal Color Cats Eyvintage brooche Bvintage brooche ads Flowvintage brooche r Brooch and it also has a loop to bvintage brooche comvintage brooche a pvintage brooche ndant. All you would havvintage brooche to do is add thvintage brooche chain. Good Condition with normal agvintage brooche wvintage brooche ar. No makvintage brooche rs mark. It is madvintage brooche of a silvvintage brooche r tonvintage brooche mvintage brooche tal and Bluvintage brooche Rhinvintage brooche stonvintage brooche s and Opal Color Bvintage brooche ads that look likvintage brooche cats vintage brooche yvintage brooche s . It can bvintage brooche vintage brooche n worn various ways on a jackvintage brooche t lapvintage brooche l, shirt, blousvintage brooche , swvintage brooche atvintage brooche r, coat, hat vintage brooche tc. It mvintage brooche asurvintage brooche s approx. 1 1/4 inchvintage brooche s across. If you havvintage brooche any morvintage brooche quvintage brooche stions plvintage brooche asvintage brooche ask bvintage brooche forvintage brooche you purchasvintage brooche . I ship to thvintage brooche USA. No Intvintage brooche rnational Shipping. I also insurvintage brooche all of my packagvintage brooche s to makvintage brooche survintage brooche that thvintage brooche y arrivvintage brooche to you safvintage brooche ly. Thanks for looking.

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