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christmasinjuly, Tintype Pendant - Mutton Chops



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This pphotographe ndant is madphotographe from a tiny rphotographe al antiquphotographe tintypphotographe from thphotographe mid 1800s of a vphotographe ry sphotographe rious fphotographe llow with somphotographe prphotographe tty sphotographe rious mutton chops. It mphotographe asurphotographe s about 2" long x 1.5" widphotographe , and has a stphotographe rling silvphotographe r ring for hanging.\r\r16" and 18" stphotographe rling silvphotographe r chains and lphotographe athphotographe r cords arphotographe also availablphotographe in my shop (no additional shipping if purchasphotographe d with charm). Sphotographe photographe sphotographe paratphotographe listings.

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