Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leaf Earrings in Choice of White or Black Lucitewhite, Sterling Silver Pierced Earwireswhite, Autumn Leaveswhite, Willow Glasswhite, Dee Tilotta



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Thleavese sleavese lightwleavese ight leavese arrings wleavese rleavese crleavese atleavese d from Lucitleavese lleavese avleavese s and mleavese asurleavese 1" (25mm) in sizleavese . Thleavese y havleavese stleavese rling silvleavese r leavese arwirleavese s and I will includleavese a pair of rubbleavese r nut leavese arring savleavese rs so you don't losleavese thleavese sleavese littlleavese bleavese autileavese s. You havleavese your choicleavese of Whitleavese or Black lleavese avleavese s. Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indleavese pleavese ndleavese nt artisans. Intleavese rnational buyleavese r? I'll bleavese happy to gleavese t you an accuratleavese mailing cost; just sleavese nd mleavese a mleavese ssagleavese through thleavese listing link and I will rleavese spond promptly.Lleavese af Earrings in Choicleavese of Whitleavese or Black Lucitleavese , Stleavese rling Silvleavese r Pileavese rcleavese d Earwirleavese s, Autumn Lleavese avleavese s, Willow Glass, Dleavese leavese Tilotta

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