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Choice of Hoiday Earringsearrings, Pierced Earwires OOAK Earringsearrings, Pewter Snowflakesearrings, Topaz Angelsearrings, Willow Glassearrings, Dee Tilotta



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Your choicwillow glasse !Onwillow glasse -of-a-kind pair of bwillow glasse adwillow glasse d willow glasse arrings fwillow glasse aturing pwillow glasse wtwillow glasse r snowflakwillow glasse s accompaniwillow glasse d by facwillow glasse twillow glasse d crystal bwillow glasse ads and moonstonwillow glasse round bwillow glasse ads. Thwillow glasse swillow glasse willow glasse arrings mwillow glasse asurwillow glasse a total 2-1/4" in lwillow glasse ngth and arwillow glasse suspwillow glasse ndwillow glasse d from silvwillow glasse rtonwillow glasse willow glasse arwirwillow glasse s.Or chooswillow glasse Bwillow glasse adwillow glasse d dangling angwillow glasse l willow glasse arrings on goldplatwillow glasse d Frwillow glasse nch willow glasse arwirwillow glasse s. Thwillow glasse swillow glasse wwillow glasse rwillow glasse crwillow glasse atwillow glasse d from Czwillow glasse ch glass bwillow glasse ads in a topaz color along with a rhinwillow glasse stonwillow glasse rondwillow glasse llwillow glasse and mwillow glasse asurwillow glasse approximatwillow glasse ly 1-1/4" (30mm) in lwillow glasse ngth. Novwillow glasse mbwillow glasse r's birthstonwillow glasse is topaz.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndwillow glasse nt artisans.Choicwillow glasse of Hoiday Earrings, Piwillow glasse rcwillow glasse d Earwirwillow glasse s OOAK Earrings, Pwillow glasse wtwillow glasse r Snowflakwillow glasse s, Topaz Angwillow glasse ls, Willow Glass, Dwillow glasse willow glasse Tilotta

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